The Environmentalist Case for Fish Farms

By Amanda Little, Bloomberg Opinion: "As California's drought decimates wild fish populations, America should take the lead to ensure an expansion of aquaculture protects marine systems... " Read the full article at Bloomberg:...

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American Voters’ Views on Aquaculture

Press Release, Environmental Defense Fund: "As summer heats up and Americans turn to grilling their tuna and gathering for clam bakes, a new poll released by Environmental Defense Fund reveals voters are open to consuming more home-grown seafood if it adheres to...

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Op-ed: IFFO is wrong on alternative feeds

By Kevin Fitzsimmons, Seafood Source: "In response to the Sept. 23 SeafoodSource article, “IFFO’s Johannessen: Use of marine ingredients in aquafeed ‘will not decline in the foreseeable future,’” we would like to provide an alternative perspective on the future of...

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Aquaculture Supports a Sustainable Earth

The United Nations maintains 17 Sustainable Development Goals that serve as a framework for international cooperation to help people and the planet thrive.

A recent study from the UN shows that aquaculture can improve food security and nutrition by increasing the amount of seafood available for people to eat. If done correctly, aquaculture increases food production, boosts economic growth in coastal and rural areas, and can help keep waterways clean.

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Nine Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Aquaculture

By NOAA Fisheries: "Many aquaculture producers in the United States don’t raise fish, despite the industry’s popular image of fish farming. In fact, oysters were the most commercially valuable domestic farmed marine species in recent years. In 2017, oyster farmers...

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Ocean Crops: Is This The Next Frontier For Agriculture?

“The food and agriculture industry is undergoing a radical transformation around the world. Covid-19 has accelerated disruptions to the global food supply chain.
Structurally, this transformation is long overdue as the world heads toward a population of 10 billion over the next thirty years.”

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